The Definition of Mediterranean Grandeur

The unique natural setting combining a steep mountainous slope and a beach with transparent blue water, offers an exquisite opportunity to design a hotel complex inspired by the landscape, together with the landscape. Respecting the natural topography, the hotel, situated at the highest point of the resort, is developed in levels. Each level enjoys unobstructed views of the landscape and the sea.

Green Coast Hotel consists of 136 rooms and suites, a gourmet restaurant, bar, SPA and will ensure an upscale comfort and entertainment. 10 Suites are designed to accommodate a comforting winter vacation, by offering coziness with a fireplace.

Amenities and services

Hotel will provide all the necessary superior amenities and services to ensure a comfortable and unforgettable stay.

The public spaces of the complex are distributed in two levels.

The first level is composed by the reception lobby, the congress facilities, the administration offices and the lounge bar. The second level has the SPA, the restaurants and the pool bar with two pools, including a children’s pool The Back Of House (BOH) facilities are situated at this same level, along with an underground service yard directly connected to the parking. Some of the villas of the Resort will also be part of the hotel, through Time Sharing developed concept, thus presenting the guest with a variety of choices for a customized comforting stay at our resort.

A modern design based on the tradition

The architecture of the hotel will follow the same philosophy as the rest of the resort: A modern design based on the tradition. The materials used for the construction will be mostly of local origin, used along the centuries to build houses in this region of Albania.

The volumetric approach of the hotel complements an approach to elegant architectural forms that are born from the landscape but develop their angular autonomy. The volumes are covered with white render and sit on top of heavy stone walls. The materiality in the rooms section is chosen so as to blend with the landscape. Stone walls and rooftops covered with vegetation are developed in sequences. Comfort rooms and Superior rooms will be the choice of couples and small families. Junior family suites are made of two modules and able to host from 4 to 5 beds. Suites enjoy a wide balcony and are intended to be more quiet. Bungalows are immersed in the park and closer to the beach. The access to the private beach is guaranteed by a system of paths, stairs and golf-carts ways drawn within the Resort’s private park. The distance to the beach is limited between 30 and 250 meters.