A social heaven

When you think of Green Coast Resort and Residences, think of a beautiful little town of joy, where your wellbeing is valued the most. In the finely-designed promenade along the beach, you have the chance to spend more time in your friends and acquaintance’s company.
Residents and visitors of Green Coast have an easy access to all facilities located on the Promenade, such as: Bars, Beach Bars, Restaurants, supermarket, sportive center.
A big amphitheater reserved for shows and movie projections, various bars, traditional and gourmet restaurants will enrich the nightlife experience.

Where friends and acquaintances have a chance to spend more time in each-other’s company. This infrastructure will act as a pleasant buffer between the real estate and hotel development areas and the beach, featuring non-invasive structures, partially hidden in the sand and the green.

Green Coast Resort’s residents and visitors have an easy access to all facilities located on the Promenade. The seafront walk hosts walking area, an event plaza, several cocktail and beach bars, a limited number of seasonal shops, a maritime sports platform and, of course, private lidos.

Nazar Beach

Nazar Beach

Nazar Beach, the first business unit opened in August 2018, is an elite ambience at Green Coast Promenade, the first of its kind in Albania. It offers a unique and unforgettable experience, undisputed quality, cocktails with unique combinations and rich culinary. What stands out as soon as you enter at Nazar Beach, is the Bohemian architectural style, and the free and unusual design, inspired by boho chic style and peoples with free artistic spirit. The combination of natural materials such as wood and straw, and the selection of warm earth colors reflect an original style, seeming simple but very stunning. The greenery used, with high palm trees and various low-lying vegetation, not only give Nazar Beach a wonderful view and exotic atmosphere, but offer vibrancy and freshness through light-shadow play. This perfect escape in Palasa's beach is designed by AK Architects, a Greek company specialized in similar projects in Greek Islands

Boho Style architecture, premium and elegant atmosphere, beach lounge tunes, International know-how in management, high quality service and signature cocktails, are the attributes that differentiate Nazar Beach from all the rest in Albania. All the visitors can experience the services of an exclusive new culinary destination, or celebrate the sunset and vibrant parties at its fullest.

Other commercial units

The residents can enjoy a comfortable living away from home, as Green Coast provides all the amenities necessary to ensure a pleasant residence. In addition to Nazar Beach, other units are also operational starting from summer of 2019, such as: Bohemian Sophie Palase, Otium Restaurant, Calme Beach Bar & SPA, Bamboo SPA, etc. In addition to these services any vacationer looking for tranquility, can enjoy relaxing moments at the newly opened Spa Centers at Green Coast Resort.

For all outdoor sports lovers, Green Coast in collaboration with a specialized company have provided a dedicated sports center. With a long experience in offering different kind of sports, this platform is bringing to the Green Coast a magical experience, full of emotions and adrenaline like nowhere else. Green Coast's strategic position favors the development of numerous sporting activities, such as skydiving, mountain biking, motorcycle racing, wind surfing, kite surfing, diving, volleyball, etc., which are turning Green Coast Resort into the favorite destination for everyone. The beautiful hills surrounding the area provide for a great skydiving and hiking experience. Palase is close to some other amazing small beaches and bays that can be reached by a motorboat.

In Nazar Beach and also in other promenade units, many events and activities are being organized throughout the season. These events which bring well-known Albanian and foreign DJs, artistic performances, magic and special emotions aim to enrich life and vibrancy to the whole area. The resort is cooperating with the best brands to provide superior quality services and products. Parking and public services are guaranteed to enjoy separate and direct access to the beach.