Riviera Shqiptare

Green Coast - a brand new Premium resort in Balkans - is strategically built in Palasa, one of the best locations in Albanian Riviera. Palasa is one of the most picturesque places, with a breathtaking Ionian sea view, located between Vlora and Saranda, very near to Dhërmi and Himara and easily accessed from Corfu through the ports in these cities.

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Think of Albania as a beautiful sonnet, that begins with a traveler’s questioning the unknown that awaits before him, upon setting foot in one of Europe’s smallest countries and ends with his/her amazement in finding a divine harmony between the wilderness of the mountains and the soothing view of a crystal blue coastline, between a history as ancient as the continent itself and a thriving new population embracing the modern, between Roman ruins and flamboyant contemporary architecture.

Albanian Tourism

With more than 300 days of sunshine, the swimming season in Palase and the surrounding area extends to 150 days. Temperatures reach 30 degrees celsius in the summer, while winter is relatively mild on the coast, with average high ranging from 10-16 degrees celsius.

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“Green Coast Resort” project also includes spaces reserved to sport activities during the day and nighttime. Children enjoy the possibility to socialize at the playground, the park or at the resort’s swimming pool.


Green Coast guarantees maximum security through guard posts and cameras situated at different areas of the resort. The entrance is allowed only to those who provide a resident card released by Green Coast.

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