About Green Coast

Green Coast - a brand new Premium resort in Mediterranean - is strategically built in Palasa, one of the best locations in Albanian Riviera. Palasa is one of the most picturesque places, with a breathtaking Ionian sea view, located between Vlora and Saranda, very near to Dhërmi and Himara and easily accessed from Corfu through the ports in these cities.

The first large-scale residence project spreads over 50 acres of land in the astonishing bay, fully respecting the echo-system, the culture and the history of Palase. The premium resort offers the best of a high-quality lifestyle, comprised of gracefully-designed residences, a 5* star international brand hotel, upscale service and entertainment, traditional and gourmet restaurants and a picturesque promenade along the sea.

Green Coast Resort boasts one of the most magnificent architectural designs in the region, facing the breathtaking views of the Ionian Sea. Iraci Architetti, the Italian architecture studio and A.N.Tombasiz & Associates Architects, the Greek architectural studio, are bringing in Green Coast Resort their best international experience of different projects worldwide.

This project is expected to bring a new standard in the Albanian tourism with dedicated and specialized services. For those looking to make an investment in the growing vacation and property market in Albania, Green Coast Resort offers investment opportunities services to its current and future clients, local and international ones through Renting Program and Time Share.

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