Balfin Real Estate & Hospitality

Balfin Real Estate & Hospitality comes with a direct focus in all services related to real estate market by offering a new expertise in the market. Balfin Real Estate and Hospitality offers for sales premium real estate properties for both Albanians and international buyers. With a portfolio of 250 million € and a considerable client database, it offers the highest standard in professionalism not limited to the selling process, but also in the management, rental and real estate projects. With the increased importance of tourism, Balfin Real Estate & Hospitality brings in our market new standards, initiatives and new platforms in the hospitality services by becoming in this way, one of the few companies offering expertise in this area. Among the services provided by Balfin Real Estate & Hospitality, there are included other services such as marketing, market research, property financing, management of mixed-use development projects, advisory services, etc.

Horwath HTL

Horwath HTL is the world's largest consulting organization specialized in the hospitality industry, with 45 offices around the globe, which have successfully carried out over 20,000 assignments for private and public clients. Horwath HTL IS recognized as the pre-eminent specialist in Hotels, Tourism and Leisure, providing solutions through a combination of international experience and expert local knowledge. Starting in New York in 1915, the company has been providing impartial, specialist advice to the clients for over 100 years and is recognized as the market leader in all areas of hotel, tourism and leisure consulting. As the founders and original authors of the Uniform System of Accounts, the industry standard for hospitality accounting, Horwath HTL wrote the book on how the industry measures financial performance in hotels.


ManeTCI is one of main companies in the construction industry and development of real estate properties, in Albania and in the region, with an experience of 17 years. Founded in 2002, ManeTCI is specialized in commercial and industrial constructions such as shopping malls, residential buildings, social and cultural centers, industrial and civil engineering constructions, etc. Since its beginning, ManeTCI has brought a different concept in the field of civil and industrial construction, improving the living standards of our society. ManeTCI is known for concrete projects such as: Univers Shopping Mall (QTU), Tirana East Gate, Rolling Hills Luxury Residences, Green Coast Resort, Vala Mar Residences etc, which are considered as innovative projects not only in the construction industry but also in the lifestyle. Creating a solid relationship of trust and partnership with all employees, partners, customers and the society, is the company's main focus for building values.

Iraci Architetti

A well-known Italian and international architecture studio, Iraci Architetti has been commissioned to design the Green Coast Promenade. This project was AWARDED on May 2017 with the First Prize in Landscape category in the annual competition organized by The Plan Magazine. The Promenade design combines elegantly together the nature of Palasa with the traditional elements of stone and wood. The Promenade is positioned in front of Ionian Sea and is easily accessible by hotel clients and visitors.