Green Coast provides various services exclusively to its residents to ensure the most pleasant stay. We administer the common areas, providing a clean and safe environment for all residents through:

Cleaning the streets

Keeping the surrounding environment clean

Maintaining road lighting

Maintaining green spaces

Beach cleaning

Facility disinfection, shower water treatment

24/7 security



Green Coast is committed to providing you with a premium living experience. Our team of dedicated professionals is available to assist you with every need. We strive to create a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere, where you can relax and enjoy the beauty of the surrounding landscape without any concerns.

Plumbing services

Electrical services

Loading-unloading service

Landscaping services

Laundry services


Indoor ventilation

Cleaning Services

Pool services

Transport Services

Furnishing and Landscape design

Front desk service

Event planning

24/7 Front desk services in Albanian, English, Italian, and Greek

Sports services and daily trips


Health Care Center
Located just a few meters from the promenade, at Green Coast you will find a Health Care Center at your disposal at all times.

Emergency Services
The Integrated Services Centre in Palasa includes police, firefighters.

Emergency numbers: 129, 128, 127

The helipad at Green Coast is available for every emergency solution.


Owning a villa or an apartment in Green Coast not only means becoming part of a welcoming community but also receiving exclusive services for a comfortable life, taking advantage of several programs such as Renting Program, Vacation Exchange, or property financing.


Managed by a dedicated team and with the security of a signed contract, the program’s main goal is quick and safe return on investment. Already present in worldwide recognized resorts, this renting program will be applied in Green Coast and become a once-in-a-lifetime kind of opportunity to generate income for its residents.


Owning a villa/apartment at Green Coast not only allows you to enjoy and discover Albania’s wonders, but also gives you the opportunity of becoming part of a heart- warming home exchange community. You will be able to spend your vacations in any other home of the resorts included in the program and to discover beautiful places across the seas..


By cooperating with selected banks in Albania, Green Coast offers financing opportunities without collateral requirements both for Albanian residents and non-residents