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Villas for Sale

Choose the Elite villas, which boast sea-view terraces, swimming pools, and spacious land for entertaining and relaxing with your loved ones.

If privacy is a priority, individual villas with sea views are the perfect choice. Twin-villas, with their orientation, provide captivating sunset views, which you can enjoy from your terrace or garden.

For those who prefer smaller spaces, apartments with one or two bedrooms are an ideal option. Each villa and apartment at Green Coast comes with its  own designated parking space, ensuring convenience for both residents and guests.

The typologies of villas for sale include:

1. Elite Villas

These villas range from 316m2 to 343m2, with sea-view terraces and sufficient land area that can be used for entertaining and relaxing with friends and family.

Elite villas have a swimming pool.

The land area varies from 768 to 974 m2

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2. Individual Villas

They range from 174m2 to 345m2. These villas were conceived as private areas, and offer sea views.
The land area varies from 311 to 1,263 m2.

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3. Twin Villas

The location of Villas enables you to see the perfect sunset.
These villas vary from 195 m2 to 225 m2 with a land area of 283-476 m2

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In Green Coast, you can find different types of one or two bedroom and duplex apartments according to your needs.

With spacious terraces and land space, the apartments in Green Coast offer all the necessary conditions for a comfortable life.

The apartment in ground floors come with a parcel area varying from 29-114 m2.

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Parking lots

Each villa and apartment in Green Coast has its own parking space, ensuring convenience for both residents and guests.
According to the type of residential units there are different types of parking places including:

OPEN PARKING found mainly in Individual villas

COVERED PARKING found mainly in the Apartment buildings

SEMI-COVERED PARKING found mainly in Elite villas

Villas for Rent

From Elite Villas to Individual, Twin or 4-Family villas Green Coast offers currently 60 villas for rent tailored to make your vacations unforgettable.
The Elite Deluxe Villas are located at the forefront of the resort, enjoying the privilege of the closest proximity to the beach.​
They  consist of two floors and provide the largest interior and parcel area of all Green Coast’s residences. Their contemporary architecture is simple with clean lines and large windows, which open up to a breath-taking view of the sea. These villas also include a barrier reef swimming pool and a sufficient land surface that can be used as a children’s playground or as a patio for social dining and other recreational purposes.​

Total area with land: 886-1450m2
Open parking places: 2
Number of floors:​ 2
Ground floor Dining area, Kitchen area, Toilets 2, Laundry, Bedrooms 2, Veranda & Courtyard, Pool
First floor:​ Bedrooms 3, Toilets 2, Studio 1, Balcony, Veranda

The Individual villas are positioned in the first 3 lines of Green Coast being at the same time near the sea and sufficiently distant from the beach, to create a more intimate retreat for those who appreciate more privacy. ​Each villa has its own parking space.​

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Twin Villas are found at the heart of Green Coast, at various positions of the project. From the bedroom windows, one can enjoy breath-taking views of the sunrise over the mountain and sunset on the Ionian Sea. Its position aids in the intimacy of a home away from home. Each villa has its own parking space.

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Total area with land: 305-582m2
Open parking places: 2
Number of floors:​ 2
Ground floor Dining area, Kitchen area, Toilets 2, Laundry,  Veranda & Courtyard
First floor:​ Master Bedroom, Toilets, Twin room, Balcony
Total area with land: 192-473m2
Open parking places: 2
Number of floors:​ 2
Ground floor Dining area, Kitchen area, Storage Room, Toilet, Veranda & Courtyard
First floor:​ Bedrooms 2, Toilet, Balcony, Veranda

 4-Family Villas at Green Coast Resort and Residences share the same unique style as the other villas, with contemporary architecture, private garden and panoramic sea view. ​
They are situated in various lines of the project, offering the possibility of choices. These types of villas are smaller and affordable, very appropriate for young couples and small families. Each unit has its own parking space.​

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Total area with land: 60-323m2
Open parking places: 1
Number of floors:​ 1
First floor Bedrooms 2, Toilet, Balcony, Veranda


Green Coast will be home to more than 140 commercial units. Commercial areas are located in different part of Green Coast including The promenade, La Vista, Mediterranean Retreat, two central squares and Green Coast Galeria by TEG

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