The Albanian Riviera is undoubtedly one of the most gorgeous areas in the country, with extraordinary natural beauties, crystal clear seawater, and magical beaches, with cultural and historical legacy and numerous other attractions, which offer a lot of exploration to be done. This area offers an unforgettable journey filled with surprises for everyone that visits and it’s not rare that the attention of the international media is attracted, which then have written a lot of editorials and reports on its beauty.

Alongside the natural beauties, for everyone choosing to live or vacate here, it is very important that an integrated system of services that fulfill the needs of everyone is established.

Green Coast Resort, which is located in the magnificent beach of Palasa, is the best proof of Albania offering the highest standard of tourism or living, similar to the elite resorts worldwide.

Alongside the elite villas, all of which have a view of the seas and the mountain of Llogara, Green Coast Resort offers numerous services and entertainment. The promenade by the sea, which came to life 2 years ago, this summer season offers a lot more services to the residents and visitors.

Nazar Beach, the elite restaurant in the Green Coast promenade, offers an unforgettable experience, the highest quality, unique cocktails and a rich culinary. Also in near Nazar, the attraction of traditional, hand made, Izrealy jewelry can be found by the visitors.

For all the outdoor sports enthusiasts, for the first time this year, Green Coast in collaboration with Sky Sports Albania, have made possible a dedicated sporting area. With a vast experience in offering a various amount of sports and a professional crew, Sky Sport brings to Green Coast a magical experience filled with emotion and adrenaline like nowhere else. The geographical position of Green Coast gives the opportunity of many sporting activities like: paragliding, mountain biking, biking, wind surfing, kite surfing, diving, volleyball and many more. All of which make Green Coast the favorite destination for everyone.

Other service untis have been added to the promenade this year like the Bohemian Sophie Palase, Otium Restaurant, Calme Beach Bar& SPA, Bamboo SPA, Sambas Beach Bar, Fast Foods & Supermarkets, etc

With the services offered also comes the opportunity of relaxation in the SPA centers opened at Green Coast for every visitor.

All these untis and many more to come, fulfill every need the visitors migh thave, transforming Green Coast Resort into an oas of quietness, relax and entertainment.

 “Since the opening phases of the Green Coast Resort project, we not only have targeted the development of a resident area but even more than that. Our target has been to offer an elite level of living and the highest standards for Albanian tourism, through a high variety of services anf unique products, creating the right environment for sports and other outdoor activitiesm and the implementation of the most successful global experiences” – Evis Çeliku, Executive Director of Green Coast.


Alongside the high variety of services and the opportunity of sporting activities offered, Green Coast Resort highlights the cultural and historical values of the area. The Palasë area has a rich history dating before Christ, documented by many authors and Julius Cesar himself, who in 48 b.c., anchored his ship with his legion to conquer Palasë, in the war against Pompei. With the objective of promoting historical values, Green Coast has iniciated and made possible a collaboration with well known artists like Adrian Isufi and Ergys Krisiko, to create an identifying sygil, in the form of a sculpture. This glorious work, with a diameter of 4 meters, in the shape of a coin is going to be placed in the Green Coast promenade.

Green Coast Resort promises many emotions, endless entertainment, sporting activities, unique events, artistic performances, elite service and many more surprises.


For more information on the Green Coast project, visit or contact us at: ; +355 69801499.