Tourism has turned into one of the main industries in terms of impact on Albania’s national economy and even more for small local economies. In addition to the attention of the government institutions, investments by private companies have as well had a great impact.

Supporting the development of tourism in a strategic perspective is very important, as it affects and has a direct impact on many economic, social and environmental aspects. Tourism is one of the sectors where different industries and services are intertwined, so as such it generates and guarantees sustainable development.

There are many cases where private investors, through various projects in this sector, have been transformed into important factors not only for the local economy, but also beyond.

Palasa, the first village just off the Llogara Pass, has recently become a very attractive tourist destination. Palasa beach is visited every year more and more not only by local tourists, but also by foreigners. It is no coincidence that this beautiful village has recently become more and more famous, whenever there are discussions of tourism or the Albanian Riviera. Green Coast Resort & Residences, a project of Balfin Group, seems to have become a promoter of local development of the Palasa area and its surroundings.

As an elite destination and provider of a variety of services, Green Coast seems to have touched and positively impacted every artery of the area’s economy. Local products can be found in every delicious recipe and in the specialties of restaurants and bars on the Green Coast, which is already proving to be one of the value promoters.

But the main contribution of the Green Coast in the Palasa area and which gives breath to the local economy is employment.

During the construction of the residences and especially now that the project is being populated, Green Coast is one of the most important job-providers in the area. Such a project, which integrates many services, has created numerous employment opportunities.

Ogerta Manelli, director of the Human Resources Department at Green Coast, says: “One of our priorities is not only to promote the employment of our community, but also to qualify them. This is a large investment, so the employment space is also large. According to our plans, in 2024 the number of employees in the resort will reach almost 600 people, a figure that is 75% higher than their number when this project started.”

The creation of new jobs is seen as an important reason to stop the flow of young people outside Albania. Increasing employment opportunities in the country significantly reduces the emigration and “aging” of many areas “threatened” for years to shrink, be forgotten and lose a little of their life and history.

Employment is also a direct factor in raising the economic and social standards of communities. And this is even more evident when it comes to small communities like the coastal villages in southern Albania. These investments, more than ever, affect the life of the surrounding community by enlivening it both economically and socially and directly affecting the preservation and strengthening of the cultural and historical values ​​of the area.

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