Genti Çekani the excellent student of “Tourism Management” at the Faculty of Economics, University of Tirana, is awarded the scholarship “Green Coast” 2020. For the third year in a row, now a tradition that makes us proud, the scholarship is a direct support for discovery of Albanian talents in the tourism and hospitality sector.

The scholarship award process was carried out in full cooperation between ‘Green Coast’ and the Marketing Department at the Faculty of Economics. The lists of master level students were reviewed, based on the grade point average of all subjects of the first year. Çekani was the student with an average of 9.9 GPA and thus was immediately considered the winner of the scholarship.

This tradition aims to consolidate further, believing that encouraging the best students today will produce better professionals tomorrow. Green Coast Resort & Residences will continue to serve and contribute to the sustainable development of the surrounding community and increase the capacity of accommodation services human resources in Albania. This contribution to education, as well as other contributions to the environment, tourism and cultural heritage, are the pillars on which ‘Green Coast’ has built social responsibility.