The Project

Green Coast is a mixed-use development, an ultramodern mediterranean destination located in the beach of Palasa in the southern Ionian coast of Albania right next to llogara park.

It opened its doors to the first residents since 2019 and is divided in two fazes.

The first phase where the project is known as Resort and Residences is already completed and includes:
-540 residential units delivered and sold out
-33 commercial units
-a beachfront promenade about 2 km long

The total construction area for the first phase is 79,000 m2 over a total land area of 218,000 m2
In the second phase the project is expected to include additional 1,251 residential units, and increase the number of commercial units to more than 100
The total construction area for the first phase is 310,000 m2 over a total land area of 518,000 m2

The total project is expected to complete  by 2027 and together with the existing project will consist in about 2,000 residential units, 144 commercial units and 484 units that are expected to serve as accommodation structures, together with:
·         2800 parking spaces
·         2 central squares
·         1 shopping center, Green Coast Galeria by TEG
·         1 promenade about 2 km long
·         15 natural water basins
·         70,000 sq m of green corridors
·         800 sq m of fitness located in a dedicated area for SPA & relax
·         Kid zones
·         About 43,000 sq m of inner common streets

The total construction area for the entire project is 474,300 m2 over a total land area of 893,000 m2

The Architecture

Green Coast is a completely unique project, one of a kind in Albania. Conceived as an ultramodern Mediterranean destination, Green Coast conveys the best experience of two of the most prestigious international architecture studios, Iraci Studio and EAA-Emre Arolat. The villas have a minimal Mediterranean style and eco-friendly construction.
The first phase is featured by a mediterranean minimalist architecture style where the natural lighting is maximized, and electricity is saved using unique shading systems known as BriseSoleil.

The use of Brisesoleil with wood materials allows a contrast between the open colors of villas and provides warmer visuals of the exterior view. Its elements break the sunrays by creating a visual game that filters direct sun exposure in addition to the enabled privacy.

The use of the area stones for the surrounding walls is another element that bridges the modern aspect of minimalism and local architecture. Stonewalls are used everywhere in the resort to divide parcels with the inner roads of the resort. Their cover is one of the protective architectural elements by granting a modern touch to their view. It serves also to hide the LED lighting.

Sidewalks imitate the beach sand so that the residents may feel as they were walking on sand to reach their home.
While in the second phase  the project architecture connects naturally with the environment, staying close to the natural texture of the rocky area where the project lies.

While in the second phase  the project architecture connects naturally with the environment, staying close to the natural texture of the rocky area where the project lies.

The colour range has been selected in line with the Mediterranean Architecture and the big facades allow for the inside and the outside space to come together and work as one. EAA-Emre Arolat Architecture, the architecture studio is highly regarded for its ability to reconcile the identity and rootedness of the context and the place within its cultural, historical, and geographic conditions, with the inescapable demands of the contemporary world to succeed in delivering a compelling design as result. Well-experienced in big-scale national and international projects, the studio prioritizes collaboration with worldwide engineering and consultancy firms. The studio has won important awards: “Mies van der Rohe” for European Architecture. Aga Khan Award for Architecture. “Museum-Designs of the Year”. EAA extends its activity to different countries of the world; the United Kingdom, Italy, Belgium, USA, Portugal, etc.

The Residences

At Green Coast, you will find a variety of villas and apartments  to suit your preferences. Choose the Elite villas, which boast sea-view terraces, swimming pools, and spacious land for entertaining and relaxing with your loved ones. If privacy is a priority, individual villas with sea views are the perfect choice. Twin villas, with their orientation, provide captivating sunset views, which you can enjoy from your terrace or garden. For those who prefer smaller spaces, apartments with one or two bedrooms are an ideal option. Each villa and apartment at Green Coast comes with its own designated parking space, ensuring convenience for both residents and guests.

The first phase of Green Coast consists of villas of different typologies such as Elite Villa, Elite Deluxe, Individual Villa, Small Individual, Big Twin, and Small Twin as well as Family Villas consisting of 1+1 and 2+1 apartments with separate entrances. As the villas of the first phase are already delivered and sold, the villas in the second phase currently for sale include Ellite, Individual, Twin Villas and 1,2 or duplex apartments

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Commercial areas

In Green Coast there are currently 33 commercial units including 16 bars &restaurants of  well-known brands, 9 beach bars, barber shop, ice-cream shop, fine cigar shop , ATM, boutiques,  a supermarket and 2 kids playgrounds

The commercial units are located along the promenade :

 In the second phase of the project the number of units will extend by more than 100 by offering an infinite choice of services.

The commercial part if located in different areas withing Green Coast including the promenade, La Vista, Central Squares, Mediterranean Retreat and Shopping Center Green Coast Galeria by TEG.

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The project will host 7 hotels 5* including well known national and international brands. Upcoming international hotel  partners are MGAllery by Accor with 180 rooms together with  Gran Melia and Hyatt Regency.

Along with the second phase of Green Coast, the total construction area pertaining to the hotels is 29,600 m2  without counting the available villas and apartment enrolling to the renting program.

Upon completion of the entire project is estimated a total capacity of 485 accommodation structures.

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The architectural planning respects the natural landscape  and includes green terraces, showcasing a commitment  to preserving the ecological  layers. The well-built structures  are designed to facilitate  airflow for natural ventilation,  promoting a comfortable living  environment. The architectural  style seamlessly blends with the surrounding nature, providing  picturesque sea views from  every villa. Green Coast combines  architectural brilliance,  ecological awareness, and  stunning seaside lifestyle in a  seamless way

·         Natural maquis preservation
·         70,000 m2 green corridors
·         15 Natural water basins

·         Green Terraces

·         Electric vehicles
·         Water Recycling system
·         Blue Flag beach

The investor

BALFIN Group is a highly successful investment conglomerate, established in the city of Vienna in 1993 by Mr. Samir Mane. The company has diversified interests spanning across multiple sectors, including real estate, retail, banking, tourism, education, and logistics. With a vast workforce of over 5000 employees, BALFIN Group conducts its business operations with high standards of ethics and professionalism, underpinned by significant financial capital and a steadfast commitment to innovation.

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