Green Coast 4 family Villas for Rent

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The 4 Family Villas at the Green Coast are built in the unique style of villas with modern
architecture, a private garden, with sea-view, guaranteeing full privacy and maximum quietness. They are positioned in several lines of the construction, giving you various choices.


Total area:      97m²
Number of floors: 1
Ground floor: Living area, Kitchen, Dining area, 2 Bedrooms, 1 Toilet, Veranda.


Total area:      74m²
Number of floors: 1
Ground floor: Living area, Kitchen, Dining area, 1 Bedrooms, 1 Toilet, Veranda.


Total area:      111m²
Number of floors: 1
First floor: Living area, Kitchen, Dining area, 2 Bedrooms, 1 Toilet, Balcony


Total area:      84m²
Number of floors: 1
First floor: Living area, Kitchen, Dining area, 2 Bedrooms, 1 Toilet, Balcony


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    It’s just easier and profitable owning a house in Green Coast Resort & Residences thanks to the tailored solutions offered to you.


    The renting Program aims for a quick return on your investment. This program is fully managed by our dedicated team and operates upon the signing of a management agreement. Being present in well-known resorts around the world, the Renting Program is fully operational also in Green Coast Resort and Residences. Unique opportunity for Green Coast residents to generate incomes, by including your villa in a pool available for rent, managed by our team.
    Please refer to this booklet regarding the renting program.


    In collaboration with Interval international, this solution enables all Green Coast residents to exchange their vacation residences within an extended network of more than 3,200 resorts located all over the world including the US, Bali, Tenerife, Dubai, Cornwell, Mexico, Brazil, Cayman Islands and many exotic locations. Well-known resorts, indisputable worldwide tourism brands such as Marriott, Diamond Resort, Four Seasons, Anantara Club, Plaza, etc, for decades, are members of this platform by operating successfully with Interval International. Established in 1976 with subsidiaries in 14 countries, Interval International operates in 80 different locations across the US, Europe, Asia, and South America by becoming a leader of this multimillion-dollar industry.

    The enrolment of Green Coast in Interval International offers a unique opportunity to Green Coast Resort and Residences clients, who with just a minimal quote can benefit from wonderful vacation experiences in resorts located all over the world members of this platform. Each owner or co-owner (in case of joint ownership purchase and ‘timeshare’) who bought or will buy a villa, now can exchange his house with villas in the best resorts in the world. The same is valid also for foreign tourists of the resorts in question who choose to spend their vacations at Green Coast Resort & Residences.

    For more information, please contact your sales representative.


    Shared holiday ownership gives you the opportunity to purchase a lifetime of holiday at today’s prices. If you aspire to a second home lifestyle, you can afford it by buying shared holiday ownership properties without the financial commitment of a wholly-owned second home purchase.

    For more information, please contact our sales representatives.


    In collaboration with selected banks in Albania, Green Coast offers the possibility of loan financing of up to 70 %. No initial collateral is needed. This initiative is valid for all individual villas, twin villas, and 4 family villas.

    Mortgage loan criteria     Value (for the above typologies of villas)
    Percentage of bank financing   Up to 70% of the price of the property
    Loan duration  Up to 20 years
    Collateral No initial collateral required as Green Coast guarantees the loan for you. Upon the end of construction and issue of the property deed, your new house is used as collateral
    Currency EUR
    Annual interest rate Fix 2.9% for the first year
    Euribor + 3.9% for the remaining period, with a minimum of 3.9%
    Bonus VISA GOLD Credit Card with a preapproved limit of 1,000 EUR

    • Who can benefit from this loan?
    Any Albanian or foreign citizen can apply as an individual, company, employed, or self-employed.
    • How can I apply?
    For further information, please contact Green Coast sales representative, who will inform you about the next steps and will mediate the communication with the respective banks.