“The scene was savage, but the scene was new; this made the ceaseless toil of travel sweet” Lord Byron

Think of Albania as a beautiful sonnet, that begins with a traveller’s questioning the unknown that awaits before him, upon setting foot in one of Europe’s smallest countries and ends with his amazement of finding a divine harmony between the wilderness of the mountains and the peaceful view of a crystal blue coastline, between a history as ancient as the continent itself and a thriving new population embracing the modern, between roman ruins and beautiful contemporary architecture.

Albania’s location in the south-eastern part of Europe favours a Mediterranean mild climate of 300 sunny days, which allows for a joyful exploration of the country and its neighbouring Greece, Montenegro and Italy (separated by sea).

Its natural wild beauty, its unique history, the rich culinary tradition and the generosity and vitality of its people, make Albania an unforgettable experience and for many, a never-ending love story. Tourists and international media who have had a chance to visit, praise Albania as the hidden gem of Europe, a land of treasures, including 4 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, one of the most ancient lakes in the world, 45% of Europe’s fauna, beautiful valleys, canyons and caves and magnificent Riviera of golden and white beaches lapped by turquoise waters of Adriatic and Ionian Sea.

Today, Albania’s image as a tourism destination, in markets such as the UK, USA, Germany, Italy, Benelux and Northern Europe, is highly reputable and associated with affordable exclusivity, intriguing food, cultural experiences, undiscovered wild life and UNESCO World Heritage sites. Over the past six years, Albania recorded an increase of 56% in the number of visitors. According to the Government estimations, this number is expected to increase up to 10,000,000 tourists over the next five years:

Albania has a low cost of living compared to most of Europe. Albania has lower prices on property purchase even compared to the neighboring countries: 56% lower than Greece, 50% lower than Montenegro, 60% lower than Croatia and 75% lower than Italy. Property prices have increased gradually approximately by 20 per cent for the past five years, and are expected to increase further

BALFIN Group, the largest privately owned group in Albania has been granted with the strategic investor status for the Green Coast investment amounting to around € 100,000,000 and located in the most beautiful beach of the Albanian Riviera, in Palasa.

Green Coast Resort is the largest resort in Albania and one of the biggest in the Balkan. Spread over 50 acres of land, fully respecting the echo-system, the culture and the history of Palase, the premium resort offers the best of a high-quality lifestyle, comprised of gracefully-designed villas and 4 family Villas, a 5* star hotel, upscale service and entertainment, traditional and gourmet restaurants and a picturesque promenade along the sea.

“Reasons why to invest in Green Coast Resort, in Palasa, Albania?

1. Strategic location
Green Coast Resort is strategically built in Palasa, one of the best locations in Albanian Riviera, which has a rare natural beauty, as it displays a unique combination of mountain and sea, a place where you can experience all flavours of the four seasons. Palasa is located very close to Vlora city, which very soon will have an international airport that will facilitate the access, in addition to its naval port.
Palasa is well known for its proximity with different attraction sites including UNESCO Heritages sites such as: the National Park of Butrint, The Museum City of Gjirokastra, City of Berat. It is also close to different landscapes and protected areas such as Canyon of Gjipe, Blue Eye Spring, Llogara national park, Dafina Underwater Cane, Pirates cave or Borsh Spring. Palasa is also known as “Caesar’s Path” as defined in the Roman epic poem of Lucan, “Pharsalia”.

“The remarkably conspicuous landmarks of Acroceraunia and the modern Strada Bianca, near Palaeste, are both visible far out at sea, and would imply that Caesar was able to accurately navigate to his chosen destination”.

2. High quality of construction
The first large-scale residence project with a high quality to be constructed in the astonishing bay of Palase, Green Coast Resort, boasts one of the most magnificent architectural designs in the region, facing the breathtaking views of the Ionian Sea. Italian architecture Iraci studio and Tombasiz, Greek Architectural Studio, are bringing in Green Coast Resort their best international experience in different projects worldwide. Green Coast Resort will be a unique investment in Albania and an elegant new addition to the Mediterranean.

3. Safe investment
Green Coast Resort is part of Balfin Group, the largest and most innovative investment group in Albania and one of the largest in the region, a fact that guarantees that buying a villa or 4 family Villa is a very safe and secure investment. Green Coast is the largest and most important project of the group, with an investment value of about 100,000,000 Euros. Green Coast is considered one of the most important investments in the Albanian tourism, which benefits not only the local’s economic growth, but also the country’s in general. The Green Coast Project has obtained all the required development permits, authorized by the Council of Ministers and the construction permit for each building. Due to its significant contribution to the tourism industry in the country, with an investment of around 100’000’000 euro, in July 2016, Green Coast was granted the title “Strategic Investor with Special Procedure.”

4. Prices’ increasing
Based on the long group’s experience in the real estate and tourism field, there is noticed an increase of property prices every year, which combined with the development that the area will take place soon, guarantees the increase of the value of the property in a few years and a quick return on investment. We can say for sure that now it is the most appropriate time to buy a villa or an 4 family Villa at Green Coast Resort, because later the prices will increase rapidly.

5. Smart investment with quick return
For those looking to make an investment in the growing vacation and property market in Albania, Green Coast Resort offers investment opportunities services to it’s current and future clients, local and international ones: Renting Program and Property Share.

Renting Program – All the residents of Green Coast Resort can be part of this program, which will be supported by an exceptional and dedicated team, committed to providing clients and visitors with a great accommodation experience and well maintained houses.
The Property Management program has a high-rate investment return starting at a minimum of 3% in the first few years up to 10% per year after 2020. Property Share is a form of purchase borrowed from the best European examples where 2 or more co-owners invest in a property at Green Coast with different quotas over the property price. The rights and obligations of the co-owners stem and are upheld based on the investment quota. Each investor/owner acquires the title of ownership over the unit in proportion to his or her investment quota.

6. Property Management and Maintanance
The management of the resort will be in a high level, 5 stars standart, to ensure a quite and secure living due to security system with private guard and camera 24/7, maintanance, cleaning and greenerin of common spaces etc. The management and maintenance of the resort will be made by a consolidated company with a long experience in the Albanian market, divided by the construction company.

7. A social heaven and recreational activities with preferential price for customers
When you think of Green Coast Resort, think of a beautiful little town of happiness, where your well-being is valued the most. The resort is a social haven, starting with a finely-designed promenade along the beach, where friends and acquaintances have a chance to spend more time in each-other’s company. A large amphitheater reserved for shows and movie projections, various bars, traditional and gourmet restaurants will enrich the nightlife experience.
Green Coast Resort project includes some spaces reserved to sport activities during the day and night-time. Children have the possibility to socialize at the playground or the park. There will be an indoor gym, volleyball and basketball courts. Residents can enjoy many water activities such as snorkeling, diving, canoeing, para-gliding, sailing and fishing. The beautiful hills sorrounding the area provide for a great skydiving and hiking experience. Tourist guides around the Albanian riviera, including the historical villages and the main cities, are offered in collaboration with travel agencies.

The residents can enjoy a comfortable living away from home, as “Green Coast” provides all the amenities necessary to ensure a pleasant residence. An area is reserved for the supermarket, a pharmacy and a health clinic and the resort is cooperating with the best brands to provide superior quality services and products.

“Green Coast Resorts” is entirely dedicated to its residents all year-round, by providing a 5-star quality service and ensuring comfortable, relaxed, and healthy living, as premium living standards require.

Our costumized Butler Service caters to the needs of each resident, whether he/she is staying at the resort, or is away from home. A dedicated staff is available 24/7 to provide help with maintenance, housekeeping, landscaping, security and transportation services. All the residents will take the “Resident Card”, which will provide benefits and preferential prices for resort services.

Green Coast Resort is part of Balfin Group, the largest and most innovative investment group in Albania and one of the largest in the region, known for its investment in TEG, QTU, SEG, residential and commercial development, tourism with projects such as Vala Mar Residences, fashion and mining industries, as well as retail activities with Neptun, SPAR, Jumbo, etc. For more information on the Green Coast Project please visit www.greencoast.al or contact sales@greencoast.al/ +355 69 20 20073/ +355 69 80 14999.

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