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albania Green Coast Destination Photo Albania ALBANIA Albania has a strategic geographical position. It is a gate to the Balkans. And if you want to know the Balkans more, you should visit Albania first. We have a natural proximity with major European markets and a Mediterranean climate with over 300 sunny days a year. Albania has virgin charming beaches, fascinating ancient sites picturesque villages and mountain citadels. The country is among the rare places that offer the opportunity to enjoy the sea, mountain, cultural and historic tourism, the agriculture and the gastronomy all at arm’s reach. Albania has a low living cost compared to most of Europe, including the UK, Montenegro, Croatia, Spain, Greece, Malta, Italy etc. and thus the prices of any service are lower than the region. All of this might be the reasons behind the continuously increasing number of visitors during the last years. ALBANIA PALASA SOUTHERN ATTRACTIONS ACTIVITIES palasa Green Coast Destination Palasa ALBANIA PALASA SOUTHERN ATTRACTIONS ACTIVITIES Palasa is located right next to the protected Llogara National Park, being close to the city of Vlora, Dhermi and near to Saranda and the Ancient theatre of Butrint. Palasa is known to have a rare natural beauty, displaying a unique combination of mountain and sea, where the four seasons reveal their colors. Palasa proudly guards historical and cultural values. The gastronomy, vegetation and farming are some of the invaluable components of this area. Also a place enabling different kind of adventure trails and sports activities. PALASA southern attractions Green Coast Destination Southern Attractions ALBANIA PALASA SOUTHERN ATTRACTIONS ACTIVITIES There’s so much to explore in Central-South Albania, from outdoor adventures to the vast number of castles and towns from every historical era. SOUTHERN
activities Green Coast Activities Paragliding ALBANIA PALASA SOUTHERN ATTRACTIONS ACTIVITIES Palasa is an ideal location for a variety of activities which Green Coast and Residences will provide throughout the year for all its residents.